A huge mangrove forest laying in the Bay of Bengal. It’s the largest mangrove forest in the world and, so the signs say, the most dangerous delta in the world.

I think it deserves that title as it’s riddled with killer snakes, very angry wild bore, and the Royal Bengal Tigers. The number of tigers residing in the forest is totally unknown, they don’t have a clue. They think there might be 400-500 but no ones ever been brave enough to get right in that forest and hold a head count.

They are also very confused about the number of villagers the tigers eat each year. It seems they have a taste for human flesh because of the cyclones that plague that area, each year there’s fatalities, sometimes in the hundreds.

The number of villagers eaten seems to vary between 10-50 a year depending on who you ask. But the first day I was there an illegal crab fisherman had been dragged into the mangroves by a tiger never to be seen again.

The guides we were with showed us a YouTube video about tigers slipping into villages under the cover of darkness and dragging off sleeping grannies, they managed to stick this on just before bedtime.

Never actually saw one, which I was rather pleased about, except two who had been captured and put in the sin bin for trying to sneak into a village. Sadly there are still revenge killings, so the Government have stumped up for a few rangers who try to grab offending tigers before the villagers chop their balls off.