A little day trip from McLeodganji, well a major hike, but well worth the blisters.

During the thousand of feet up from McLeodganji to Dharamkot the surrounding smell gradually turns from incense to weed. Dharamkot is hippy central. Known as little Tel Aviv; following national service the Israeli government kindly send their subjects on a free holiday and one of the destinations is Dharamkot. Inevitably some love the way of life and make it their home. A small village encased with coffee shops and chilling hippies.

We then climbed a further 2 thousand feet to Gallu Devi Temple, which was unimpressive particularly as we’d climbed 3 thousand feet to reach the damn thing.

Struggling down the mountain to get back to McLeodganji we happened on a monk who helped us down that long, winding and seemingly never ending mountain.  This was all achieved in 40 degrees of heat and flip flops.  My advice is to prepare better.

An ocean of ibuprofen gel is needed.