New Delhi

First leg of the long journey, London to New Delhi

I’ve been to New Delhi a few times, but I’d say the best thing about New Delhi is the airport out of there; having said that, if you’re going to India then it is a must see, but perhaps just for a couple of nights.  Hotels in New Delhi are real cheap and it was tempting to go for a 4 or 5 star version just to appeal to my sense of getting something cheap, but no. I’ve gone for a middle range, Bajaj Indian Home Stay, which, according to their website is “An Experience that’s Indian, Altogether”.

£47 per night, including breakfast and a “Roof Top Retreat”, it’s actually a few chairs and a table or two on the roof, without a view, but pleasant.  I found this place brilliant.  Lovely people who run it, so attentive, and make fantastic poppadoms which are so large just one fills an entire serving plate.

I’m only in New Delhi for a short hop which is just enough time to experience the hustle and bustle of this vibrant city, alive with the sounds of car horns hootting and tuk-tuks flying around the streets trying to pick up and drop off as many passengers as they can possible cram into a day.

I done the Taj Mahal visit, get a car and driver from Delhi to Agra, just ask at the hotel and they’ll organise it, but it’s a full day trip, obviously check the price first!  And, after just a couple of days taking in the sounds of hooters and buzzing motorbikes I got on a plane to Dharmashala and travelled north to Mcleodganj, which is where the Dalai Lama lives. To find Mcleodgani just fly to Dharmashala and follow the smell of incense, it’s about 30 minutes away, but follow your nose, (take a taxi or bus from the airport).

Quite frankly, I’d recommend getting out of Delhi as quickly as possible.  It’s great for a quick assault on the senses, but once you’ve had your fill, get on a plane and get out of there before the bronchitis takes hold; the air quality is so very bad!