The Himalayan Toy Train

Well it’s spectacular, when it turns up, it chugged into the station 2 hours late. It’s the diesel version that runs from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling, which takes 7 and a half hours. The tracks run through the Himalayas, so the little train twists and turns it’s way up the magnificent mountain range. An amazing feat of engineering. But what’s most incredible is the tracks take it past small Himalayan villages and the tracks literally run in front of villagers’ homes, if I put my hand out of the window I could shake hands with the occupants.

Sadly the little train broke down half way up the Himalayas leaving us all stranded in the dark. But Indian people are extremely kind, and with their help, a van, a Land Rover and many miles of winding tracks we made it to Darjeeling.